Pave Repair

Centrepiece of MPRS® is the ready to use asphalt pellet Pave Repair, intended for spot-wise and various road damage repairs and executed with warm mix asphalt and hot mix asphalt. These two products were especially designed for road rehabilitation measures. Focusing the different areas of application, the grain distribution and the bitumen binder are composed related to viscosity and quantity that kind, creating an asphalt mixture with extraordinary low compaction resistance during paving and at the same time a high resistance against deformation.

Pave Repair fulfils all requirements of a standard hot mix asphalt. It is suitable for road maintenance measures at all road and load categories. The asphalt mix is available in variations with a grading of 0/5 and 0/2 mm.

Properties of Pave Repair WMG:

  • asphalt mix designs 0/2 and 0/5
  • rolled asphalt for the removal of small-scale damage
  • suitable for the repair of cracks, road damage and borehole closures
  • applicable temperature range: 140 to 180 °C
  • immediately accessible after installation and compaction
  • suitable for all demands

Properties of Pave Repair HMG:

  • asphalt mix design 0/8
  • mastic asphalt for the removal of small-scale damage
  • for the maintenance of waterproof surfaces
  • applicable temperature range: 180 to 230 °C
  • installation without compression
  • suitable for all demands

Technological properties compared to other replacement products for repair issues:

  • very dense and nearly impermeable for water
  • high bitumen binder content
  • resistance against plastic deformation
  • resistant against fatigue and cracks
  • positive ageing properties
  • excellent adhesion to existing underlayment/road substance
  • good grip level
  • high flexibility
  • durability
  • excellent paving and compacting abilities

Please find below some documents as download files:

Material safety data sheet (MSDS) PAVE REPAIR

Pave Repair  – Carl Ungewitter
EG-MSDS according to regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006. Revised version from: 07.01.2019; Revision-No.: 1.00

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Technical data sheet (TDS) PAVE REPAIR

Pave Repair is a ready to use asphalt mix pellet (size of granules: 4 -10 mm) intended for the production of hot mix asphalt. The preparation / heating of Pave Repair is done in place of works and it is operated within the mini batch mixers AK 20, AK 50 or AK 100.

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