Mini batch mixers

The different mini batch plant models for the preparation of Pave Repair LA are characterised by a comparable structural design. Within the mixer the ready to use asphalt product can be heated up to the needed paving temperatures of 130 – 180°C just at the point of construction. Pave Repair LA is filled into the heating drum by using the feed hopper on top of the device. Within the drum a horizontal mounted screw conveyor is mixing the material homogenously. The screw conveyor is also needed to discharge the material after heating. During the preparation process multiple but not permanent mixing is sufficient.

The freshly produced material is discharged by opening the outlet port and activating the screw conveyor.

Performance of the batch plant models:

AK 20
asphalt/batch: 10 to 30 kg
drive: manual/electric

AK 50
asphalt/batch: 30 to 80 kg
drive: electric

AK 100
asphalt/batch: 80 to 150 kg
drive: hydraulic & automated

Please find below some documents as download files.

The operator’s manual of the mini batch mixers

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MPRS®-technical data sheet

mprs Flyer TitelThe road maintenance system with hot mix asphalt
MPRS® consists of a mobile mini batch mixer and a ready to use, solvent-free asphalt mixture Pave Repair LA. The asphalt mix Pave Repair LA is heated and prepared within the batch mixer to get a freshly produced hot mix asphalt in place of the repair works. It can be flexibly applied and paved everywhere in place of maintenance measures at all road and load categories.

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